Collaborative Practice

Do you want to find a plan for your future that keeps you and your ex-spouse out of Court?

Does your family need help to resolve their estate or succession planning issues without ending up in Court?

At Cheney Suthers, our Alice Byrnes and Dannielle Ford are trained collaborative lawyers and members of the national organisation of professionals at Australian Association of Collaborative Professionals. Collaborative Practice is a way of settling legal disputes outside of courts. Alice and Dannielle can guide you through Collaborative Practice where we will work with you to work out what matters to you in your future and how to get there without the need to go to Court.

Collaborative Practice requires you, your former partner and/or your family members, your accredited professionals (lawyers, accountants, financial planners, mortgage brokers, child experts) to enter into a Participation Agreement that confirms that you will negotiate openly, honestly and respectfully and will do all that you can to find solutions that do not involve expensive, stressful and uncertain litigation.

Dannielle is a trained collaborative lawyer.

Alice is a trained collaborative lawyer.

Collaborative Practice works best for families who:

  • want to stay out of Court
  • can be open and honest with one another
  • want to decouple in an amicable way
  • can share information, negotiate and take professional advice from a team including lawyers, financial professionals and child experts
  • have a low level of conflict
  • have no allegations of family and domestic violence nor family violence orders

If you would like to learn more about whether Collaborative Practice is right avenue for your legal dispute, please call our office 02 6362 5433 or email to make an appointment.

Alice is a trained collaborative lawyer.

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