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Who gets the family farm? At Cheney Suthers we understand the emotional connection and sometimes difficult conversations that need to occur to ensure the smooth transition of the family farm and farming enterprise to the next generation.

We have an established network of expert advisors on hand to ensure that the development of your succession plan addresses all of the legal and taxation implications of transferring the farming land, income and assets to your family members. We also understand the importance of minimising the disruption to your farming enterprise and family relationships during this process.


When you have worked a lifetime to build wealth for yourself and your family, you want to make sure that your wishes for your estate are fully carried out.

In our modern society the idea of a simple will dealing with all of the objectives of estate planning is an unlikely one.

You may be unaware for example that your superannuation and the assets of any company or family trust you operate cannot simply be left to your family through your will.

Proper estate planning now involves an understanding of complex issues around company and tax law, superannuation as well as the requirements of wills and estate administration.

Our estate planning lawyers understand that making a will can be an issue which needs to be sensitive to complex family histories and arrangements. We take the time to listen to you and to fully explain your options in estate planning so that your wishes are carried out. One important aspect of estate planning which can be overlooked is the need to ensure proper decisions are made for you if you are unable to make those decisions for yourself. We can assist you with enduring Powers of Attorney and Guardianship documents to reduce the burden on your loved ones in the event of your incapacity.

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Sometimes, through poor drafting or family breakdown, a will does not make proper provision for those that it should. We have the expertise to help.

We can help you with disputes over the validity of wills and in negotiating a fair outcome from a poorly drafted will. Strict time limits apply to the making of a claim and so it is essential that you receive early, sensitive and targeted advice.

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Unfortunately, administering a will is usually a thrust upon us at a time of grief. The complexities of calling in assets, interpreting a will and ensuring that the will is carried out can be daunting. Let us help reduce the pressure.

  • We assist clients in all aspects of will administration.
  • We can administer the entire estate or simply individual aspects such as the transmission of property.
  • We can advise whether probate will be required in order to finalise the estate and prepare the application to court to ensure that there is no unnecessary delay.
  • We will keep in contact with all of the parties interested in the administration of the estate to ensure that the process is fully understood and simplified for everyone’s benefit.

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Whether because of illness and infirmity or just because you travel regularly, there is likely to be a time when you want or need someone else to make financial decisions for you.

A power of attorney lets you choose who can make financial decisions on your behalf and when they can do so.

With over a decade of experience as a member of the Guardianship Tribunals of New South Wales and Queensland, Aaron Suthers is uniquely placed to ensure that the legal requirements of giving a power of attorney are met and that you and your attorney fully understand the importance of the document and how and when it can be used.


Whilst a power of attorney deals with financial decisions, enduring guardianship can empower someone you trust to make decisions for you in all other areas of your life, when you can no longer do it yourself.

Whether it be deciding on arrangements for aged care or making important health and end-of-life decisions, you want to be sure that you choose who makes those decisions for you.

Having seen the turmoil created in families at times of crisis when these documents have not been prepared, we understand the importance of assisting you to prepare an enduring guardianship which truly expresses your needs and wishes.

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