The traffic offender intervention program

by | Feb 8, 2017 | Criminal Law

If you are going to Court for a drink or drug-driving matter in New South Wales, you might like to think about enrolling in the Traffic Offender Intervention Program. The program aims to reduce the likelihood of people re-offending and can affect the sentence the Court imposes.

The program is run in Orange by the PCYC and runs for six weeks. The program covers the following topics:

  • Police Force
  • Accident Scene
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Legal Systems/Crash Consequences
  • Driving Facts
  • Victims of Road Trauma

The benefits of completing the course are improving driving skills and knowledge and to help reduce the chance of re-offending. This is something the Court can take into consideration on sentence and can lead to a lesser sentence or fine. We would usually enter your plea and seek an adjournment for you to complete the program before proceeding to sentence. A certificate of completion is then sent to the Court.

The content is designed to be information but it is also confronting. For more information on the program you can contact Orange PCYC. If you have a traffic offence, we recommend you contact our office to arrange an appointment.

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