Tony Cheney


Tony Cheney is a consultant lawyer with Cheney Suthers. He has a wealth of experience as a lawyer, in business and the not for profit sector.

Tony commenced the practice in Orange in 1980 and continues to be engaged in the consultant role for the benefit of the clients of the firm. The focus of his practice has always been commercial and property law including business succession planning.

Tony’s engagement in enterprises apart from the practice extends to his position as Chair of the Orange Regional Arts Foundation, Chair of Philip Shaw Wines and Deputy Chair of Orange360. He was a Council Member of the Kinross Wolaroi School Council for twenty one years and Chair for seven years until his retirement in 2018. In addition to these positions, he also performs advisory roles for various organisations and committees including Local Government.

If you are looking for practical advice backed by experience then we recommend that you choose to engage Tony to guide you through the options available to manage the structure and growth of your business or the best way to approach the development of your property. Tony can work with you in the consultancy role to develop a strategy that suits you and our team of highly professional and experienced lawyers will implement that plan in consultation with him to ensure you obtain the best possible solution.

Planning the transfer of business and property assets to partners, associates or family members is a significant decision for all people running their own business. These steps should be undertaken in consultation with both your financial and legal advisors. Tony has extensive experience in this field and works closely with accountants and financial advisors to ensure the best financial result when clients are dealing with these decisions.

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