Did you know that your compulsory third party insurance gives you more than just a green slip?

by | Sep 15, 2021 | General, Personal Injury

If you own a car you would know that having a green slip is compulsory thanks to Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance. What many don’t know is CTP gives you more than just a green slip. The reformed NSW CTP scheme means that as of 1 December 2017, people who are injured in a motor vehicle accident have the ability to make a claim through their insurance for:

  1. Personal injury benefits;
  2. Lump sum compensation;
  3. Funeral expenses; and
  4. Compensation for a relative.
Personal injury benefits

Personal injury benefits, also known as statutory benefits, are payable if the death or injury of a person is the result of a motor accident, whether or not the the motor accident was caused by the fault of the owner or driver of the motor vehicle in use, or even if the motor accident was caused by the fault of the person to whom benefits are payable (Motor Accident Injuries Act 2017 No 10). Personal injury benefits includes income support payments and medical expenses.

  1. Medical expenses: whether you were the driver, passenger, rider or pillion passenger, pedestrian or cyclist you can apply for your medical expenses to be covered by the CTP scheme. Medical expenses can cover a physical or psychological injury and all reasonable and necessary expenses relating to that injury.
  2. Income support payments: if you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident you may need to take time off work to recover. Income support payments provide financial support while you are unable to work and are calculated as a percentage of you pre-accident income depending on the nature of your injury.
Lump sum compensation

To be eligible for lump sum compensation you must have more than a minor injury and not be wholly at-fault for the injury or accident. Depending on the percentage of impairment assessed, you can make a claim for damages for economic loss and/or non-economic loss.

Funeral expenses

In the event someone dies in a vehicle accident in NSW, regardless of whether they were the driver, passenger, a cyclist, pedestrian or other person involved in the accident, a person can make claim for reasonable funeral expenses under the CTP Green Slip insurance scheme. The funeral expenses can include the cost of a funeral director and service, coffin, mourning car, cemetery site, flowers, newspaper notice and death certificate. The scheme is also able to pay for reasonable costs in transporting the deceased to a location near their usual residence if they were travelling at the time of the accident, whether that be interstate or overseas. To make an application to be reimbursed for funeral expenses you simply fill out the application for funeral expenses form (the form can be found here), attach copies of proof of payments and forward the application to the insurer.

Compensation for a relative

Some relatives, who were considered dependent on the person killed in a motor accident are able to claim compensation. Most commonly people who are considered dependent include partners or children, however the definition of dependent is kept relatively inclusive to ensure different family structures are recognised. If you think you may be eligible to make a claim, the CTP Assist team are able to assist you to understand whether or not you will be considered a dependent, and therefore eligible for compensation.

For more information about how your CTP can help you, if you’ve been injured in a motor accident, visit the SIRA website for motor accident injury claims.



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