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In Powell v JFIT Holdings Pty Ltd t/as New Dimensions Health and Fitness Centre [2020] NSWDC 264, the Court heard that Ms Powell suffered serious injuries while lifting the weights from the floor so that she could workout. The facts state that there were no staff rostered on to supervise the area and ensure that […]

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Qualified Title and Limited Title – What do they mean?

Upon purchasing a property in Australia, the “Title” to the land is acquired. A Certificate of Title will be issued to record the transfer of ownership and may refer to qualified or limited title on the document. These notations are given to titles which have been converted to Torrens Title from the Old System Title. […]

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To Gift, or not to Gift? That is the question

The Australian property market has become increasingly difficult to enter, and it is not uncommon for parents (or family members) to provide financial support to their adult children to facilitate the purchase of a new home. These financial advances may occur when the child is in a de-facto or marital relationship, intended to benefit both […]

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“HomeBuilder” Scheme – Government offers $25,000 grants to people building or renovating homes

On Wednesday 3 June 2020, the Federal Government announced their intention to offer grants worth $25,000 for eligible Australian’s building or renovating their homes between June and December 2020. The stimulus aims to boost demand of construction, which has significantly decreased during COVID-19, and support workers such as builders, painters, plumbers, and electricians. Estimated to […]

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Celeste Barber’s bush fire fundraiser demonstrates the complexities of Trusts Law

On Monday 25 May 2020, the Supreme Court of NSW upheld the long established principles of trust law which govern the use and distribution of trust money. In the high profile case relating to Celeste Barber’s bush fire appeal, the comedian established a Facebook fundraiser and nominated the Trustee for NSW Rural Fire Service Brigade […]

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Tips for Retirement Village Contracts

Retirement villages are mainly occupied by retired people aged over 55. The village usually consist of a residential complex which can also include other facilities depending on the level of care provided. Moving into a retirement village doesn’t have to be a difficult decision however there are certain rights and obligations surrounding retirement village contracts […]

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Legal Update: Changes to the Corporations Act 2001 assist businesses during COVID-19

On Wednesday 6 May 2020, the Corporations (Coronavirus Economic Response) Determination (No. 1) 2020 (Cth) (the Determination) came into effect, modifying the operation of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (the Act) in response to COVID-19. The Determination will be repealed in 6 months but in the meantime, it will allow company officers to validly execute […]

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Dividing fences: Who is responsible?

A dividing fence is a fence borders neighbouring properties along the common boundary, though it can sometimes lie on one property more than the other. In the ordinary course, each property owner will jointly own the dividing fence and be responsible for any modifications, repairs or alterations. There are some exceptions to this rule however. […]

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Recording partners in family law disputes

In most cases, it is an offence to secretly record a conversation with another person without their permission. However, as the development of technology nearly guarantees an audio or video recording device will be on most individuals at any given time (i.e. smartphones), there are frequent cases where a party has secretly documented interactions with […]

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Why is Home Warranty Insurance so important?

Home Warranty Insurance (HWI) is a statutory scheme to indemnify homeowners for loss or damage caused while undertaking residential building works in NSW. The Home Building Act 1989 provides statutory warranties against breaches contained in Part 2C of the Act and will hold builders and developers liable to front the costs for rectifying defective works. […]


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