Aaron Suthers


Having now taken a position as Principal Member of the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal, Aaron is a consultant solicitor at Cheney Suthers. Aaron is a Family Law Specialist and has been involved in preventing and resolving disputes for over 20 years.

Aaron is a qualified and experienced mediator and arbitrator and is an accredited family law specialist in both Queensland and New South Wales.

Having nearly a decade of experience as a presiding member of Tribunals, judging a diverse range of matters from anti-discrimination to building contracts, he knows what causes disputes and what it takes to get them resolved quickly and efficiently.

Aaron brings a special focus to all of his work, which stems from his extensive experience in the Family Court as a solicitor and independent children’s lawyer. He knows that it is just as important to work with people to prevent damage to relationships as it is to get the right solution to the issue.

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