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Technology is at the forefront of communication in our society. With the evolution of ‘sexting’, we need to take a closer look at what is lawful and what is not. It is often said that once something is on the internet it cannot be erased. This might also leave a permanent record of an offence. […]

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Victor Dominello, the Minister for Finance, Services and Property, has recently announced that by July 2019, all standard property transactions in NSW will be conducted electronically and all Certificates of Title will be phased out in favour of e-Titles. e-Conveyancing provides an option for parties to complete property transactions electronically. PEXA is the organisation which […]

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Being approached by the Police can be nerve racking and can lead innocent people to do silly things. It is important you know your rights if approached by Police Officers in New South Wales. Even if you feel there is no reason for the Police to be talking to you, it is important to stay […]

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If your relationship has broken down, you might be left with a lot of unanswered questions. The first thing we recommend is to contact an experienced family law solicitor. Aaron Suthers is an Accredited Family Law specialist and has the experience to assist you during this difficult time. When can I get a divorce? If […]

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But what does it all mean – A Guide to Wills and Estates

Interpreting a Will can be complex because of the legal jargon involved. We have done our best to simplify the terms of our client’s Wills but there are still some essential legal terms. This guide should give you a better understanding of some of the words used in estate planning documents. Administrator An administrator is […]

Posted by Dannielle Ford Criminal Law

The traffic offender intervention program

If you are going to Court for a drink or drug-driving matter in New South Wales, you might like to think about enrolling in the Traffic Offender Intervention Program. The program aims to reduce the likelihood of people re-offending and can affect the sentence the Court imposes. The program is run in Orange by the […]

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Getting your priorities straight

A Priority Notice is an inexpensive and simple way of preventing new legal interests in land being registered prior to the registration of the relevant dealing on the title for land. You might have noticed we have to collect your passport, driver’s licence and other documents to satisfy the NSW verification of identity requirements. In […]

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When Gifts Fail

Although writing your own Will may seem easy enough, the law around Wills can be very complex. The doctrine of ademption refers to failure of specific gifts that have been referred to in a Will. For example, a specific gift may have been sold or given away during the Will-maker’s lifetime. In these cases, the […]

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Employee entitlements in business sales.

When negotiating to buy or sell a business, many people concentrate on the price for goodwill, plant and stock in trade, without considering the hidden cost of employee entitlements. With the extensive reach of the Fair Work Act, it is understandable that sellers assume that buyers will take on the obligation to pay leave and redundancy […]

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How to write a character reference letter for court

If you are appearing in Court for a criminal matter, a character reference can help the Court to appreciate your situation and give context to the reason you committed the offences. A number of people can provide you with a character reference and they don’t have to know you in a professional capacity. We suggest […]