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Posted by Tony Cheney Conveyancing


Victor Dominello, the Minister for Finance, Services and Property, has recently announced that by July 2019, all standard property transactions in NSW will be conducted electronically and all Certificates of Title will be phased out in favour of e-Titles.

e-Conveyancing provides an option for parties to complete property transactions electronically. PEXA is the organisation which provides the platform for e-Conveyancing. There are many benefits to using PEXA including:

  • Quicker registration times – that means as a purchaser, you’re registered on the title sooner!
  • Funds are paid by electronic funds transfer – that means as a seller, you can receive the settlement proceeds sooner!

In some instances, it is also cheaper for our clients because the disbursement cost of attending settlement, outside of Orange, is taken away.

We are registered with PEXA and accredited to undertake your transaction electronically. This is a significant benefit for our clients. Whether buying, selling or refinancing property, this will speed up the process!